The wonders of technology will always continue to make living comfortable and stress-free. I am of this opinion after a careful research study I carried out on the origination of the technology behind photocopying.
It is amazing that it has moved from the traditional black and white copy hitherto the result of photocopying. Modern technology has brought color photocopier machines. I will want to look at the genesis of this technology and then compare its effect on businesses the world over.

The inventor of this technology is Chester Carison, a Patent Attorney in New York City, in the United States of America. It was as a result of the challenges he had in making duplication of important documents that led him into researching. That was how he discovered the art of photocopying. This article is not intended for the detailed study of the invention of photocopying, but rather an overview. Notwithstanding all of the challenges, it is important to recall that this technology came into existence in 1944.

At the very beginning of photocopying technology, it used to photo direct copiers were in vogue. It had a very great defect, which is the cost of supplying the materials that are needed to make them work. However, xerographic photocopying technology presently has made it an easy task of materials. You do not need any treated paper before you make photocopies as it was before. Just ordinary office papers will suffice to make copies. The following are the advantages the new copiers over the earlier inventions.

  • It can use plain and untreated office papers to make copies.
  • It has the ability to make two sided photocopying, otherwise called “Duplex”.
  • It has the capacity to scan many copies with the aid of ADF.
  • It can sort, arrange and then staple together the photocopied ones.

It is really important office equipment which photocopying machine is. It has taken away the ancient system of carbon paper usage in offices.